Pet Dental Care

Dental CarePeriodontal disease starts out on your pets teeth as a thin film of bacteria.  These bacteria, or plague, attach themselves to your animal’s teeth and ultimately die off.  When this happens, the natural saliva in your animal’s mouth calcifies these dead bacteria into a hard and rough substance called tarter. The plaque and tarter can accumulate under the gum line and cause infection and loss of teeth.   Removing this buid-up and properly maintaining your pets oral health is at the heart of our dental care protocols here.


The Importance Of Pet Dental Care

Improper dental care can lead to a wide array of problems for your pet.  There's always the obvious bad breath and unsightly yellow teeth; but did you know that poor oral care can lead to more serious and life threatening problems for your pet.   Proper oral care for animal is just as important as it is for people and overlooking this critical part of your pets health can lead to very serious problems such as hearth, lung, and kidney disease.

We offer state of the art dental care here at Highlands Eldorado that includes routine dental examinations, deep cleanings, education on home dental care, surgical procedures and we also offer light sedation dental care. 

Call us to schedule your pets dental examination today, and help them live longer, happier, healthier lives.